Our Fabulous Wood Ceiling

I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In ways the last 10 months have flown by, and in ways it has felt like an eternity!! Watching our ceiling going up piece by piece, night after night, has been a long drawn out process. As my sister so kindly reminds me all the time though, this is the first house we’ve EVER built and for something so large to only take 6 weeks from the time we got the wood, is kind of incredible. It took us one whole week to stain and polyurethane the wood, and then 5 to get it put up in 80% of the house.

The wood not only adds a ton of character to the house, since we did model our floor plan after several log cabins and timber frame plans, but it also adds history. Before we began building, Chip along with helps, cleared the spot for the house by cutting down the trees. These trees were then transported to River Valley Pine in Middlefield where they got rough cut. Then they were sent to Trumbull County Hardwoods to be kiln dried, the wood spent 45 days in the kiln, and then it was sent to J & J Milling. J & J completed the finish cut in a whole variety of lengths and widths with tongue and groove edges.  Then we brought it to the house, stained it, polyurethaned it, and then the dedicated crew (Chip & Botha our dads) began to hang the ceiling, one piece at a time. It was really neat to see every piece be carefully selected. I even helped many nights and have become quite handy with power saws!


Paint Colors & Photo Dump!

There’s been so much happening at the house lately, but I haven’t had a lot of time to update! So far Chip & I agree that as crazy as life has been for us, we would do it all over again (well, maybe.. just with a few more subcontractors).  I have loved being able to see our dream really come to life!

With everyone asking how it’s going, and reminding me I haven’t updated the blog, I decided to just do a photo dump!!



New turn around area in the driveway! The driveway is almost completed, this weekend we got 258 tons of large stone delivered to pack down our base.  After all the trucks driving in and out for deliveries our original base was buried. We’re hoping over the next few weeks to get the drive done.

Here is my dad working on cutting our quartz bathroom & laundry room countertops!

All those trees Chip cut down that we sent to the mill, then the kiln… well here they are! 3500 board feet ready to be made into tongue and groove for our ceiling!



Just a FEW paint samples.. One might call me indecisive!

IMG_6073 (2)

Final paint choices!



Our master bedroom, on paper that wall did not seem so large.. any suggestions!?

Kitchen Counters Installed

Last Wednesday was a bit of a crazy day, but best of all.. our BEAUTIFUL counters were installed.  Chip and I had gone to Mont Granite to see what we liked, but it was long before we needed to make any decisions.  When the time came to make the final decision, Chip wasn’t able to go with me… So he had no idea, other than my description of what these counters would look like to go off of.  I was a little bit a lot!!! relieved when he told me he also loved them after they were installed!  They are Green Pearl Leather granite! There is so much color to them, even though they dark.




We have two main bathrooms in our house.  There’s a third that will be in the basement for Chip (and Finn).

The main bathroom is centrally located in the house of the main hallway.  It is a two part bath, the main area is the vanity separated by a pocket door to the shower and toilet area.  The flooring will be a grouted vinyl tile.


Our master bathroom is located between our master bedroom and the laundry room. You can get to it from both sides.  So far I am loving the way that the vanity is coming together, we got two vessel sinks that sit on top of the counter.  We also have a freestanding bath tub and a stand up shower.  Most of the bathroom is coming together really well.  The shower is still a work in progress, and making all our tile choices is a never ending process… we will need to hammer it out soon!


Here are some of the tile we’ve looked at from The Tile Shop in Mentor.

((What once was..)) March – Part 2..

I started this one awhile back… as in almost exactly a month ago and then time got away from me!! We’ve been working, working, working on the house and everyday we’re just a little bit closer!

Everyone is always asking when will the house be done, when will the house be done and our response is “when it’s done..!?” Not having a builder, and being the first time we’ve ever done this, we don’t truly have a timeline.  This of course always leads me to then I ask Chip, “when will the house be done?” and he will casually say “spring”.  Well the fact that it is now March April and we are in SPRING the projects have really kicked it up a notch!! We are making HUGE progress!

Last weekend  About a month ago Chip & I ventured out to Middlefield to visit the kiln where our lumber is being dried and the mill where it will be cut. The kiln was one of the neatest places we have stumbled upon & I will definitely be going back! They have slabs of wood you can purchase.. the projects to be crafted are endless =)

All week was busy busy! Chip was on nights at work and worked some extra hours. I had work & some extra meetings.  In the evenings along with A LOT of help from my parents most nights were spent at the house  painting, but was all worth it!! On Friday, March 10th, all of our beautiful Hickory Natural cabinets were delivered in 24+ boxes.. I rushed home from work Friday night so excited! I would have opened all of them right then, had I not had my school’s PTO Reverse Raffle!


The changes that happened this weekend are by far MY FAVORITE!! I love to be in my kitchen, so to be able to put together my future kitchen, I was like a little kid in a candy shop! I was beside myself with excitement!


There’s so much more that has been completed since I first started this post that I could go on and on.. into other posts they will be =)



March – Part 1

Just when I didn’t think it was possible for life to get busier, the past few weeks have been busier than I could have ever imagined with the house.  I have honestly started to loose my mind a little! All the running around has finally started to catch up with me (or maybe it’s the wild weather we’ve been having) but today I just feel a little crumby, so I took the night off from painting to just take it easy.   

Over the last few weeks drywall finished being hung.  Chip’s college roommate (a pro drywaller) was kind enough to come visit for a week to “help” and by that I mean do 90% of the work to tape, mud, and finish the drywall.  Not sure it would have gotten done without him!! He was so quick and efficient too!

The end is so close, but yet so far away.  The inside of the house is starting to finish up… the outside, however, is not! Here are some picture updates! 


Dad & Chip hanging drywall on the window wall of the living room



Sweet little lovie!! My niece Carla came for a visit and was loving all the windows



January/February Update

It seems harder and harder to find the time to update these days! I’ve been working on this post for a while but I’m constantly being sidetracked by other things going on.  Since my last update we’ve had LOTS of changes!!

The blown in foam insulation was completed.  What an interesting little process.  It’s so neat to see how it really seals up the house in all sorts of nooks & crannies.

Drywall started, and at this point is almost completely hung!! Man, oh man, Chip (and helpers) have been working hard to get this completed! Next weekend they plan to tape, mud, and finish it!!  It has definitely been one of the most frustrating and rewarding parts to watch of the house.. so many measurements!!

We’ve also been able to order our kitchen cabinets and counters. Which should be arriving tomorrow to Mentor Lumber!!! Here are some pictures to show our progress..


Stairs from the main floor to the loft were built & installed.

Blown-in foam insulation from the basement up to the roof was completed.


The wood burning fireplace insert was installed, as well as a larger hearth (not pictured).

img_5456Sound barrier insulation for the interior walls, to soften all the noise.

I began painting the cabinets for the laundry room

img_5535Drywall in the master bedroomimg_5528More master bedroom drywall.IMG_5450.JPG

Drywall in the kitchen.  You can see that most of the ceiling doesn’t have drywall.  That wood that we cut down from the property is sitting out in Middlefield waiting/ or currently being kiln dried so we can have a wood ceiling.

Until next time… =)

One month later…

What you’ve all been waiting for.. A NEW post!! While on Christmas break I had written a really lovely update, and then the internet took a kaput on me and it was lost in the internet wasteland.. I hope I can remember everything that’s been updated.  Well, here it goes.. again!

It was about a month before we saw any real progress on the outside..  The beams to finish the porch took awhile longer than expected to come in.  Once they did come in we had our first BIG snow.. 32″ to be exact.  The picture below was taken on the first eve of the snowfall, that wasn’t even 1/2 of what we got by Sunday.  The snow hindered our roofer from being able to finish the porch roof.  While the outside of the house was moving slowly, the inside was slow & steady!

Our plumber, electrician, and HVAC guys were hard at work! Just day ( I think) we got the go ahead to call and schedule our rough-in inspections. This is quite exciting, once we get inspected the insulation can begin! ((Which reminds me of an item to add to the to-do list.. take a picture of all the walls! This will let us know where all the lines are running incase there’s ever a need to repair them.)) We are doing blown-in foam insulation, soOo it’s a pretty permanent! Chip (& fathers) also finished up framing out the basement for the insulation.img_5035


This picture was taken a few weeks later when all the snow had melted.. The roofers were able to come out and finish up.  Around the house resembled something like a moat… Soo much water!!



We got a BEAUTIFUL front (unpainted) door.  So many options for colors of this pretty little number! and look I even installed the lock & handle myself! I think Chip was just hoping to keep me busy for an hour or so… 3 hours later I had one door finished.  The first time I installed the lock, after about an how I discovered I put it on the door the wrong direction… I was so irritated, annoyed, confused as to why the door wasn’t latching, or why you had to turn the handle to get it to close.. DING DING DING.. ding dong.. you installed it the wrong way! Here’s to hoping I’m a little more successful/speedier with the rest of the locks now.

Another big project that I had absolutely no involvement with other than saying, “Nice work, guys!” was a HUGE undertaking.. Running our electric, cable/internet, and water 1200′ down the driveway to the house.  What a muddy mess that has created. For now though, it’s one more BIG project down!


Here’s a peaksee of the muddy mess

Coming Up..

  • Inspections, Inspections, Inspections
  • Build stairs from main floor to loft
  • Stairs for the porch and temporary stairs out the patio doors
  • Blown-in insulation
  • Insulate/sound barrier interior walls
  • Install the wood burner
  • Install more driveway to up near the house
  • ponder some more over siding choices
  • and, dare I say it… DRYWALL! ? It’s coming!!
  • I should probably get a move on painting my laundry room cabinets.. EEek!

Till next time…

So much to be THANKFUL for!

It seems like these updates are getting further and further apart (sad face).  There has been lots of big projects going on, that you can’t see the progress of, HVAC, electric, plumbing.  Hopefully there will be more visible progress in the coming weeks. I am however incredibly thankful for this entire process! While Chip & I have been consumed with this, it’s been such an exciting project to watch unfold.

An updated home tour..

The outside is almost complete… we’re STILLLL waiting for the timber beams to complete the porch.  We’re narrowing down our siding choices, hopefully we’ll have something picked out by the end of December.  Yes, that is snow you see on the roof!



Here’s the first thing you’ll see when you enter the house from the front door.  Eventually (I’m hoping the not to distant future) there will be stairs that go up to the loft.  Chip, with a lot of help from a friend, built the basement stairs a few weekends ago.  He’s working on getting specific materials for the stairs to the loft.

My dad and brother-in-law helped install them.

Here is our living room & where our wood burning insert will go. Attached to our living room is also the kitchen/eating area.


Here’s my favorite room, the kitchen! I can not wait for this room to be completed! The picture with two boxes is going to be our pantry! EEK!

Up in the loft there will be a great view! It will showcase the backside of the property. img_4854

I wasn’t so sure about these windows at first, but I have come realize they are awesome! They let in so much natural light but still allow usable wall space!

Here’s the master bedroom and bathroom.

Our master bathroom also connects to the laundry room.


To complete today’s home tour, a view of our side/back hallway that leads to the side/back door, depending on who you talk to, I will call it one, Chip calls it another!  I’m loving the windows of these doors! img_4844

What I don’t have pictures of for today, would be the other bedrooms and the main bathroom.  There will be plenty of time for posts with those!